What do the Pictures on Mahjong Tiles Mean?

Mahjong tiles are also called “cards” and the pictures that are printed on them are quite interesting. The symbols that you see on the cards are Chinese symbols since the game originated in China 4,000 years ago.

The game is mind boggling and it does involve some skill. There are either 136 or 144 tiles that are grouped in honour, suits, and bonus tiles.

Suits consist of character, bamboo, dot, or circle. There are 36 of each of these cards.



Honour consists of the 12 wind and 16 dragon cards.
Bonus titles are the flower cards and the season cards. There are 16 of these cards in total.
Knowing what the cards are and what they mean can help you in your game, especially when the cards are referred to based on their grouping. From there, just have a lot of fun exercising your brain and possibly winning some cash if you’re betting.

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